Monday, April 1, 2013

Mom's Lilac Diamond HST Quilt

Basically since I started blogging, I have been working on a quilt for my mom. I ordered the fabric for this quilt several months ago because I knew it would be perfect for a quilt for my mom. I didn't have a design in mind when I ordered the fabric, so I ordered half yard pieces of all of the fabric, a bit more for some of the prints that I really loved.

This summer I fell in love with Joel Dewberry's Aviary 2, and yes I have made quilts using all three color palettes.

Joel Dewberry Aviary 2 - Lilac 

 In February I decided I make a HST (Half Square Triangle) quilt and make a diamond design radiating out from the center. I actually went with an off-centered diamond rather than directly in the center.

To make the quilt large (over sized full or small queen) enough I needed 168 HSTs. That is a lot of cutting! I cut 5.5 inch squares of the fabric. I organized my squares into piles of light and dark values. I then put one dark with one light value, right sides together and drew a line down the center. I sewed quarter inch seams on each side of the line. After sewing all of them I cut down the middle, to give me two triangles. I pressed all of the seams open (I hate that part). I then had HSTs with light on one side and dark on the other.

 Because I ordered my fabric before knowing what I was going to do, the process wasn't as smooth as I would have liked. I would have focused on making sure I had a more equal amount of dark and light values.

I did most of the cutting in February, and then started working on the London Minus the Red quilt that I made for a friend. At the beginning of March I decided to really start working on Mom's Lilac Diamond quilt as I am calling it. I wanted it finished by Easter weekend, as my family would be meeting up with my parents and my sister's family in Branson, MO for the weekend and I wanted to give it to her at that time.

Once I had all of the HSTs I trimmed all of them up, as I wanted them to be perfectly square. I had a nice pile of scraps, I thought they were so pretty.

I then started laying out the HSTs to figure out their exact placement. That took a whole afternoon. I also, had a little hiccup, because I layout my quilts on the ping pong table and it just wasn't quite wide enough, the quilt wound up being a bit longer and narrower than I prefer. Pretty close to the shape and size of a ping pong table LOL.

After I sewed all of the HSTs together I added a narrow inner border, and a wider outer border. I backed it with Pond Kona Solid. 

I had never machine quilted something this large, so it was slightly difficult for me. I broke two needles because the weight of the fabric was pulling on the needle. I wound up moving my machine to the ping pong table so that I could use it to hold up the fabric. Thank goodness for that ping pong table in my "sewing nook!" 

I chose just to follow the design of the quilt and stitch in the ditch using my walking foot.

It created a nice design on the back. I bound it by hand, using left over 2.5 inch strips of the fabric, although I through in some Olive and Violet Kona Solid as well.

So here it is! It is a LOT of color, but my mom loves it.

Center of Mom's Lilac Diamond Quilt

My mom, her quilt, and Lone Starburst Pillow


  1. Gorgeous quilt!! What a fabulous finish! :D Your mom must love it!

  2. Great job! I love the design you chose. Aviary 2 is one of my favorites, too especially the yellow and gray.

    1. Thank you. I actually made this quilt first with Aviary 2 Vintage Yellow. I have pics of it under my Quilts 2012 Tab

  3. Your quilt is absolutely beautiful! Well done on getting it finished so quickly - you have a very lucky Mum!

  4. Lovely quilt, and love the colors. Congratulations on all the HST.

  5. Your quilt looks great! What a great gift for your mom. I am sure she will cherish it!

  6. Wow very pretty, love the ping pong table! Use what you have right?

  7. What a beautiful gift for your mother. :)

  8. Wow, this quilt is gorgeous! You did such a great job. I really like how the quilting looks on the back! I hate pressing the seams open too...I always end up burning my fingers lol!

    Thank you for linking up to Let’s Get Acquainted this week!

  9. You did such a great job on this quilt. I am sure your mom loves it!

  10. It's a truly beautiful quilt and I am sure your mum is thrilled with it! It was really interesting reading the story behind it. Hopping over from Plum and June's link up :-)

  11. Hi from Let's Get Aquainted link up. It's a lovely quilt. I have some fabric from this line, the one with birds on in black and yellow which I bought to make a bag with ages ago, but I haven't got round to it yet

  12. It looks like your Mum was happy with her lovely quilt!

  13. What a beautiful quilt and I can tell your mom loves it! Using the ping pong table was a great idea so you could get the weight of the quilt up on it! Thanks for sharing.
    Freemotion by the River Linky Party Tuesday

  14. Beautiful quilt! Love the fabric and colors, purple is my favorite!

  15. Awesome quilt! I'm sure your mom LOVES it.

  16. What a wonderful gift, I bet your Mom is thrilled!
    The fabrics you chose are gorgeous!