Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Joining Q2 of Finish-A-Long 2013... My Goals.

she can quilt

I did not join Quarter 1 of Finish-A-Long 2013, but I have decided that I will go ahead and join Quarter 2 of FAL 2013. Basically I am going to show you all of my UFO's (Unfinished Projects) that I would like to complete this quarter and at the end of it we will see how I did :-)

This was a quilt kit I purchased on a whim a few years ago. I didn't start working on it for about a year after I purchased the kit, and then I realized that several of the fabrics in the kit were not cut to right size. Unfortunately, the LQS that I bought it from was in a town far away that I visited when I was traveling. Taking it back and discussing it with them was not possible. I had to make modifications. The top is almost finished, just one more border, then to back, quilt, and bind. This is a true UFO! I have actually been working on it here and there for over 2 years. Obviously it is not a difficult project, just didn't have a specific use for it so other projects took priority over it.

All of my other UFO's I have recently blogged about, and will be familiar to my usual readers.

PB&J Chevron Pillow Face - Need to actually make it a pillow.

Philippians 4:8 Burlap and Urban Mod Wall Hanging - Need to complete all of the other blocks, put them together, back, quilt, and bind... Still have a lot to go on this one!

Appliqued Onesies - Still need to complete about 8 of these with different numbers and animals. 

Timber and Leaf Baby Quilt - Top finished, still need to back, quilt, and bind. I plan to finish this ASAP and will do a blog post about it. 

Honestly all of the above projects could be completed within a couple of weeks, if I didn't constantly find other projects that seem more appealing in that moment. I see new fabric that I fall in love with and I can't get it out of my head, so I get it and then I want to play with it! 

Best of luck to all of the others who are joining Q2 of FAL 2013! I hope you finish lots of UFO's! 


  1. You must be strong and get them finished! You can then buy some new fabric and start a new project without feeling guilty.

  2. I have too many UFOs. I've accepted that UFOs are just party of my personality. hahaha lol. However, it is a wonderful feeling when I complete some that have been on the shelf for a while. :) I really like your burlap wall haning!!

  3. I am gathering a collection of UFO's as well. I am trying to get one finished a week but I start a new project more often than I finish one! Loving your chevron quilt and have added the pattern to my "must make" pile.

  4. They all look like fun projects! It will be nice to have them off your sewing table so you njo longer feel quilting starting new things!

  5. Enjoy the process as you finish these ; )