Monday, April 8, 2013

Multiple Projects and Not a Lot of Finishes!

PB&J Table Runner and Pillow on my Front Porch

Last week was a whirlwind! Whew, we survived! I did manage to fit in some sewing, although I didn't finish everything I had hoped... And I added a new project, that needs to be finished by Friday. I typically don't work on multiple projects at once, but somehow I have managed to get about 5 or 6 projects going at once... we shall see how this pans out.

I finished the PB&J Table Runner. It looks cute on my coffee and does add a bit of color. I backed it with Kona Pond even though that doesn't match, and I really don't like backing things with fabric that doesn't match the front... BUT with a table runner I figure it doesn't really matter that much. I bound it with Kona Olive.

I decided to free motion quilt it. That was fun. I sort of meandered with loops, I don't know what this is called. It turned out nice. In the three stars I did some flowers, that was my first attempt at that. I practiced on a couple of little "quilt squares" I made, and my practice flowers turned out much better than the ones actually on the table runner, but I think they work.

I also made a coordinating pillow. The pillow was fun, but I spent too much time on it. I had a bunch of corner pieces from making the stars on the table runner, so I used those tiny pieces to make a square on the front of the pillow. Since I was just sewing them together without much thought, there were a couple of times I had to rip out seems and start over, because something didn't match up just right. I used Kona Olive as a border. I used a bit more PB&J to make a binding/edge. From the picture you can see that I haven't yet folded the binding over and hand stitched it to hide the seam. I am actually debating about this. I kind of like how what was to be the binding has now formed an edge or ruffle around the pillow. Also, I backed the pillow with burlap, yes, burlap (I stabilized it with muslin first) and I don't mind the raw edges on the back. Who knows, after seeing it in my living room for a few days I may decide to fold the binding over and stitch it.

 Bits and Pieces used to make Pillow

Burlap Back of Pillow

I free motion quilted the pillow front. Some loopy meandering on the colorful square, and then scrolled around the border, putting flowers in each corner. If I include the table runner, this is only my third attempt at FMQ so I think it is coming along fairly well.

I then took the 1/2 inch strips that I had trimmed from the charm pack squares for the table runner and I started piecing those together. I used the "ticker tape" method that Rachel at Stitched in Color explains. I used a glue stick to adhere the strips of fabric to a background of Kona White in a Chevron design. I then used a narrow zig zag stitch to permanently sew the fabric to the background. I stitched around each raw edge to ensure minimal fraying, although this pillow isn't going to be "washable" since I plan to back it with burlap as well.

Honestly when I decided to make matching pillows to go along with the table runner.  I thought I was just going to whip out a couple of simple cushions, but since I decided to use small scraps and get rather detailed and picky about placement, this turned into a long and drawn out process.

I have only finished the front of this pillow, because while working on the pillow, another project was dropped into my lap. I decided I really needed to make a baby quilt for a friend that recently had a baby boy. I thought about making appliqued onesies, embellished burp cloths, something along those lines... But I recently won 6 fat quarters of Timber and Leaf from Krista @ Sew Whats Cooking and I thought  what a perfect use for that fabric!

Saturday I spent some of the day cutting and sewing together blocks for a baby quilt. I need to finish the quilt by Friday... Its simple and I only need a few hours, but time is precious these days!

Over the weekend I did make 2 fleece tie blankets as well, so that took up some of my sewing time. My poor little 4 year old has been asking for one of those for at least a year now, and Joann's had fleece on sale so I finally made him one. I also made one for the dogs. They aren't allowed on my upstairs furniture (their little nails scratch the leather), so I wanted them to have something soft to lay on, and whenever someone pulls out a fleece blanker they lay on it right away, so I thought they should have one of their own.

I still have those appliqued onesies I need to get finished. I have my Skill Builder BOMs and I really want to start working on the Virtual Quilting Bee that Amy @ Diary of a Quilter is hosting. I also have the wall hanging I started a couple of weeks ago, still on my design wall, but nothing else accomplished.

Today I am linking up with Plum and June with Let's Get Acquainted Monday hosted by Nat at Made in Home.

Plum and June


  1. You have been busy.I love the colour scheme of your pillow and runner.

  2. You are so busy! Your FMQ looks good!

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  4. All your projects are lovely! I recently discovered the Picnic line. I love the alphabet!!

  5. Love the table runner and pillow. I especially love the corner flowers on your pillow! They are so cute!

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