Friday, October 18, 2013

Art - Baby's Nursery and Family Pics

Now that I have finished the main "sewing" tasks for the baby's nursery I have to start working on the Wall Art. I am trying to avoid painting the room, so I plan to add color with art, and leave the walls white.

I know I am going to do the baby's name with decorated wooden letters on one wall, I just need to go purchase the wooden letters.

I found some cute 8X10 prints on Etsy that could be done in the patterns/colors of the fabric... But I would really rather just make it myself. So I pulled out some canvases that I bought several months back and I am contemplating wrapping it with some of the leftover fabric.

Another thought I had was to use my Cricut and cut vinyl for words and put a Bible verse and a cute poem or saying on a couple of the canvases. I would probably use the verse below with colors that coordinate with the nursery.

 I have a lot of ideas flying around my head, and I need to settle on a couple and devise a plan, otherwise I will wind up with a hodge podge of art pieces that don't work together.

 If anyone has any ideas or suggestions I would be open to them!

Now on to another form of art - photography! One of my friends recently started a small photography business and she took family pics and maternity pics for us a couple of weeks ago. I just have to share because she did a great job, and because my boys are just too adorable not to show off!

Mikko is 9 and Kai will be 5 next week. Kai doesn't really like to smile when getting his picture taken, but he is still cute!

My friend also took some maternity shots for me. It is nice to actually have maternity pics that aren't ridiculous selfies in the bathroom mirror! 

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