Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Baby Boy's Nursery In Progress

October is always a busy month for us, and this October is no exception. My parents, sister, her husband, and children came to visit us from Texas for a few days this past week. We won't be spending any of the Holidays together this year so this was our last time together this year. We had a lot of fun together as usual, and snapped a few pics while climbing around at Elephant Rock State Park (Missouri). I'm the pregnant one in the pics :) The two older boys are mine, and the little girl and baby boy are my sister's children.

Even with company and lots of activities going on I have found time to work on sewing nursery decor for Baby Boy #3.

The Crib Bedding is finished - Bumpers, Quilt, and Skirt. I chose to buy white crib sheets, although I continue to contemplate purchasing more minky and making a crib sheet to match.

For the crib skirt I purchased muslin and cut it to the size of the crib bottom, with about an inch seam allowance. I cut three pieces of Chartreuse Chevron to the size of the crib as well (both sides and front), with a one inch allowance for hemming and 1/2 inch seam allowance for sewing to the muslin. I didn't see any need to have a back side since the crib is against the wall and that part of the skirt would never be seen. There are so many beautiful options for ruffling and pleating a crib skirt, but I decided to keep things simple and just have a straight skirt.

I made two fabric baskets/buckets for diapers, wipes, and other miscellaneous items. I so enjoyed making those baskets. Maybe its the very logical side of me that loves to make something so usable and practical. I see many more fabric basket making projects in my future. I modified a tutorial from Sew 4 Home. I didn't want handles or ric-rac around the top of the basket so I left that part out. Also, I am not sure if I used the right foundation either because I have no clue if I bought the right thing, honestly I should never chit chat with my sister on the phone while shopping at the fabric store LOL. Even if I didn't use the right foundation, I was pleased with my finished product!

I am currently sewing curtains for the nursery. One panel is finished and I hope to sew the second panel today. I had a difficult time deciding what to do for these curtains, but yesterday after some brain storming I settled on one idea. I like the results so far. I went with about 10 inches of the Chartreuse Elephant print up top (13 inches total for seam allowance and folding over to thread the curtain rod), and the lower section Navy Gotcha. I wanted a seam that appeared more finished, so I used Chartreuse Chevron and piping to sandwich between the two prints. I will also make Chartreuse Chevron ties for pulling the curtains back.

After I finish the curtains I will be done sewing nursery decor for a bit, while I work on the walls. I plan to put his name up on the wall with decorated wooden letters, along with some other art. I also have a mobile idea that I need to start working on.

I hope all of you are having a lovely week and enjoying beautiful weather like us!


  1. LOVE the fabrics and colors for the nursery. Beautiful job.

  2. Adorable nursery - you've got a lot of creative energy for having little ones. Congrats

  3. I loooove your fabric choices! The green and navy go together so well.

  4. OOHHH...I'm here from WIP - and I LOVE the bedding, baskets, curtains, fabric!!!! Your are gorgeous! I have three boys - 18,16, and 12. LOVE my boys!!! It's just perfect!!! :) Hug to you!

    1. Thank you. And I do believe 3 boys is just perfect!