Wednesday, March 27, 2013

WIP Wednesday - Improv Wall Hanging

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About a year ago I decided to try a Pinterest idea and use my home printer to print words on burlap. I printed some words from Philippians 4:8 (Pure, True, Lovely, Right, Honorable, Excellent, and Admirable), which is a favorite verse of mine. It turned out fairly well, although I almost destroyed my printer, when the burlap got caught and wound up around the rollers inside it. I hot glued and stapled the the burlap to OSB (thin plywood) cut to size and hung them on a very blank wall in my living room. I always had in mind to paint that wall something bold as a backdrop for the burlap plaques... Fast forward a year or so, other decorative additions to the living room and the burlap plaques weren't working for me, they were a tad on the boring side. 

I saw Urban Mod by Art Gallery Fabric and I fell in love. I decided a wall hanging made from the fabric to mostly cover that wall would be lovely. I ordered several Kona Solids to go with the Urban Mod, two shades of gray, olive, and canary. I don't know if I will use the Kona Canary it is a bit bright. Now I am incorporating the printed burlap into a wall hanging. I am going completely improv on this one.  

I tacked up some batting on the wall of my sewing nook, started cutting strips of my fabric, and started piecing my first block yesterday. I backed the burlap in muslin before sewing any fabric to it, to stabilize it. 

I assume this will be my main WIP for a while.

PS. I completely finished my mother's Lilac Diamond Quilt and will be giving it to her this weekend. I plan to post all about it on Sunday or Monday! 


  1. Very nice. I love the fabrics you picked! That's a favorite verse of mine too.

    Look forward to seeing your finished quilt!

  2. Thanks. I hope you have lovely Easter weekend. Perhaps the weather in St. Louis will be a bit more seasonable!

  3. I love how you pieced the steps of geometric fabric on opposite corners. what fun this will be to work on!