Wednesday, March 13, 2013

New Fabric and WIP Update

Today I received some new goodies in the mail that I ordered on Friday!!! Ohhh how I love little bundles of new fabric and I definitely don't receive them enough :>)

I ordered some Urban Mod by Art Gallery Fabrics from Hawthorne Threads.

I am going to make a wall hanging for my living room with these fabrics, the design is still a "thought in progress!"

I have been eyeing Rock N Romance by Pat Bravo for Art Gallery Fabrics as well for some time, and it is about going going gone! So I decided I must have a few pieces for myself....

I ordered 4 half yard prints, and of course after I got them I kind of wish I would have ordered a couple more prints. 

Then Canton Village Quilt Works was having 10% off Kona Solids, so I ordered some grays and a white. They will go nicely with my Urban Mod wall hanging. 

I wanted to order some more colors, but I thought my money would be better spent on a Kona Color Card so that I could match solids with the prints I buy for quilts. I really needed it for my current WIP because I haven't bought the backing for it yet. 

So it is WIP Wednesday is it not? I think I might give a little peak at how my mom's Aviary 2 - Lilac Value Quilt is coming along... 

The 168 HSTs (Half-Triangle Squares) are sewn together, the narrow inner border is almost completely finished, and just the outer border to go before the top is complete! The picture below is of the center of the quilt, where the first four squares join and work their way out. 

Quilt Center

Also, I found this challenge that I thought I would share... 

It is not just a quilting challenge, it is a craft of any sort. They give the theme on the 15th of the month, and then you create your project, and submit it by the 15th of the next month. The first challenge begins on March 15th. Looks like fun... I just might do this!

Le Challenge

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  1. Great haul! Colour cards are sooo helpful, truly well spent money.