Wednesday, March 6, 2013

WIP Wednesday

Honestly I feel like lately my biggest WIP has been this blog, it has definitely been the most time consuming! I know I don't have many regular readers as of yet, but some of you may have noticed that it looks different each time you take a look... Sorry about that. I want it to be cute, but functional and easy to read. I have tried out many different templates, some from, some from other websites. Finally I think I have settled on this template and I did a lot of customization myself. I am not promising that it won't change a bit here and there, and there are a few more additions/edits I would like to make.

My Quilting WIP (Work in Progress)

That would be my Mom's Value Quilt. It is going well. All 336 triangles have been sewn into 168 medium/dark squares. I pressed and trimmed all squares, so now they are exactly 5.5 inches.

I spent an entire afternoon arranging and rearranging the the squares for the perfect layout. It is during projects like these that I am so happy to have a ping pong table in the middle of the space we use for sewing/crafting, office, school, and fly tying (my husband does that).

The arrangement is set and the first row has been sewn together!  I am really excited as it is now starting to look like a quilt.

Also, I am going to take on a Skill Builder Block of the Month challenge. I have never done one of these and I am already 2 months behind, since I am just joining. So I have some catching up to do, but I think it will be great for me to build some new skills and improve on some others... May even be an excuse to buy more fabric... Although I promised Nate I wouldn't buy any new fabric in March, that is going to be a really hard promise to keep!

Pile O' Fabric

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