Monday, May 6, 2013

Rock-N-Romance Apron Complete!

Last week did not allow for much sewing/quilting. The only thing I completed was my Rock-N-Romance Apron. I think it turned out really cute. 

The apron started out as two 1/2 yard pieces of Rock-N-Romance and some solid Kona Gray. 

The pattern I used was Pat Bravo's Spice It Up Apron Tutorial.

After a short period of time the top took shape and I thought, this isn't so bad... 

I don't think I understood how to do the pleats on the skirt portion of the apron, but it still turned out okay.

And... All finished! I didn't put the flower on the strap because I only had gray left and I was tired of working on it. I might go back and do the flower this week though. 

Goals May 6 - May 12

1. Finish remaining two blocks for Philippians 4:8 Wall Hanging and begin sashing/piecing together.

2. Finish Hand Piecing Hexies for SkillBuilders BOM Block # 7 and start on Block #8

3. Make a few more Farmer's Wife Blocks

I have several other projects I could work on, but the way the last couple of weeks have gone, I know that I won't accomplish as much as I hope, so I think I will keep my "goal list" manageable. 


  1. Totally cute! By the way, thanks for commenting on my blog but I couldn't reply because for some reason you show up as a no reply comment.

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  5. I love Rock and Romance I wish I bought some before it disappeared! Your apron is pretty!

    I wish I started the Farmer's Wife way back when some of these blocks on flickr are stunning! I'm a bit jealous :) Can't wait to see yours