Friday, May 31, 2013

MIA From My Sewing Nook And Blogland...

Happy Go Lucky - FQ Bundle
I splurged and ordered a Fat Quarter Bundle of Happy Go Lucky from Jennifer at the Knotted Thread! Isn't it lovely??? I currently have no project in mind for this, I just bought it because I love it.

Not sure if anyone has really noticed, but I have been MIA... both from my sewing nook and my blog... I have a really good reason. I wasn't planning to share this with the general public for a bit longer, but since it has been keeping me from living life as usual, I thought I had better share.

3 weeks ago today I got some totally unexpected news... I AM EXPECTING! Yes, expecting a baby, our third baby in fact.

After I got over the initial shock, and readjusted my thought process to include another child in our family I started to get excited. Started scouring Pinterest for adorable and creative ways to announce our unexpected news to very unsuspecting friends and family. I started peaking at nursery ideas, and fabrics for bedding...  But only ideas for little boys, because I have two boys, and I just don't want to get my hopes too high that we might have a girl! But wouldn't that be fun??!!! Oh if I let myself I can get very carried away with thoughts of all of the wonderful girly projects that I would love to make!

Announcement that I plan to post on FB once we are ready to share with more people. It might be hard to read on here, but it says "We thought our family was complete, but God has blessed us with two more feet... Arriving January 2014!"

Then about a week into my excitement, I began to feel a bit nauseated, over the course of a week the nausea went from just needing a cracker or two to settle my tummy, to something I won't even try to describe. Lets just say I couldn't keep anything down for about 5 days. I finally got some prescriptions medication this past Wednesday, and while I am still nauseated all day long every day, I can now eat, which has given me energy to at least get off the couch every now and then.

Since I do have limited energy and still don't feel the greatest, I have had to put crafting, sewing, and quilting on the back burner just to manage some of the MUST DOs of every day life. Like making sure my boys don't kill each other, and that they know where the food is, they are almost 9 and 4 1/2 so between the two of them and a lower cabinet full of snacks they are managing pretty well.

Hopefully I only have 4 or so more weeks of this and I will find my energy and get back to my old self, until then I can't promise myself or anyone else that I will be accomplishing anything, but surviving.

I really have so much to get done, I want to finish up ALL of my WIPS before the end of August when we will find out whether the baby is a boy or girl. I know after that all of my sewing will focus on the baby! So much for everyone's handmade Christmas gifts! LOL!

So basically, I am not sure what the next few weeks will hold, if I will be sewing/quilting and blogging, or just surviving... I am just taking it one day at time.

Talk with you soon... hopefully :)



  1. Bless your heart! I hope your nausea subsides very soon and congratulations on the exciting news!

  2. Wonderful news. I had one of those pregnancies long ago. Our family is now full of boys too.

  3. Happy news!! Hope you are feeling better soon!

  4. Congratulations on your news! I hope the sickness passes soon. At least you have some pretty fabric to look forward to!

  5. Congratulations Jessica! That is so exciting! I hope the morning sickness passes quickly.

    I love the Happy Go Lucky fabric! Cant wait to see what you do with it!

  6. I am so happy for you! I hope you are better now! looking forward to "reading you" again!