Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Wonky Log Cabin and Baby Gifts

Last week I blogged about how I wasn't really into my current WIPs, but was still trying to plug away at them.

I worked on my King Size Wonky Log Cabin quilt. In fact I finished all of the blocks and now I am putting sashing/border around each one. This is a huge quilt for me, so I am working in sections. I am considering "quilt as you go" because I don't think I can push a king size quilt through my machine. The largest I have ever done is queen size and it was very difficult. On the other hand I am just considering finish the top and getting it quilted with a long arm because it is so big. I need to decide pretty soon.

I snapped a couple of photos (not the best quality) of it laid out on my sewing room floor.

Although I have made some progress on the above mentioned quilt, I thought I should take a break and do a smaller project that might get me back into a sewing routine. I have three friends expecting babies in the next 4 months... And I know that once I find out the gender of my baby I probably won't have time to sew a lot of projects for other people so I decided to go ahead and get their gifts made. 

I decided that making quilts was out of the question, so I opted for simple minky backed blankets, matching burp rags, and a matching diaper case as a gift set for each. 

I had to order the minky and fabric for two of the gifts, so I haven't started on any of the blankets. I completed two of the three burp rags for one set and I think they are coming out rather cute. I am using leftover Animal Party by Amy Schimler for Robert Kaufman that I used to make a quilt years ago. I love this fabric and wish I could get more of it. It is so fun for baby boys. 

I need to finish up the third burp cloth. 

I will be using the following fabric backed with turquoise minky and bound with a green satin binding for the blanket.

I am looking forward to the minky and other fabric arriving in a couple of days so I can work on all of these adorable gift sets. 

On a personal note my 4 year started Pre-K today! We homeschool, but decided to send him to a local private Christian School 2 days a week for Pre-K. He is a mess! We tried to take first day of school pictures, and as usual couldn't get one that didn't have a silly face. 

Hope you are all having a great week!


  1. He is adorable! I love the silly face! I haven't used ricrac on burp cloths - that is a great idea! Love your log cabins too.
    xo jan

  2. I loved that Robert Kaufman Animal Party fabric too! I made two quilts out of it and would have loved to have made more from it. The colors were so fantastic and cheery. Thanks for sharing!

  3. Super cute baby gifts! I love that animal fabric.

  4. Really cute projects... good luck with Pre-K too!

  5. Your log cabins look fantastic! And love all the baby stuff you've been making, great work!!